Energy Policy

Our company emphasizes the concept of sustainability in its vision in order to carry today's values to the future.


We are committed to ensuring that all our energy-oriented processes are managed within the framework of our corporate strategy and priorities,

Reducing amount of energy used in our production and auxiliary operations,

Provision and dissemination of information resources that will lead to goals and targets and making the budget for achieving these targets,

Continuous improvement of our facility, system equipment, energy performance, energy management system, making energy efficient designs and improving energy performance in the design and modernization of the processes for production and auxiliary operations,

To the extent to reach the planned goals and objectives, dissemination of human and information resources, and documenting and archiving these information and documents,

Following up and utilization of energy efficient products and services

To comply with all legal and other requirements related to energy.



  • Understanding and fulfilling our energy policy and instructions, compliance with tasks and responsibilities,
  • Creation of Energy Efficiency awareness within the body of ASAŞ,
  • Ensuring that the energy used in our activities is used efficiently and reduced,
  • Supporting of all works that may provide sustainability.