Energy Policy

Our company emphasizes the concept of sustainability in its vision in order to carry today's values to the future.


  • We are committed to manage all our energy-oriented processes within the framework of our corporate strategy and priorities,
  • To reduce energy intensity in all our operations and to be a pioneer in reducing energy intensity in other sectors,
  • To protect natural resources and create energy targets with energy efficiency and provide information, technology, infrastructure, finance, etc. resources to achieve these goals and objectives,
  • To continuously improve the system equipment, energy performance and energy management system of all our facilities.
  • To make energy efficient designs in new products, new processes, modernization studies and investments to be developed,
  • To take the responsibility of minimizing waste and increasing the recycling rate, knowing its contribution to our natural resources and energy efficiency,
  • To design and develop projects with the awareness of energy efficiency in order to reduce the effects of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions by adopting the understanding of sustainable development,
  • To supply energy efficient products and services, to support responsible stakeholders in the use of resources,
  • To be active in adopting the energy awareness and green economy of all our stakeholders,
  • To document the information and documents that will achieve the planned goals and objectives, to continuously improve and develop the management system,
  • To comply with all legal and other obligations related to energy,
  • To raise awareness about energy efficiency and to increase the sense of responsibility for all our stakeholders and our community.


  • Understanding and fulfilling the compatibility of our energy policy with duties and responsibilities

  • Creating energy efficiency awareness,

  • Supporting all studies and stakeholders that will ensure sustainability is our main responsibility.