Roller Shutter Production Facility

Roller Shutter Production Facilities started its production operations within ASAŞ organization in 2008 in order to meet the growing demand for high quality products under Naturoll and Motoroll brands in Turkey and in world markets. Together with PVC Profile Production Facility, Roller Shutter Production Facility consists of a total of 60.000 m², of which 35.000 m² is enclosed. The facility operates with annual 30.000.000 meters of Roller Shutter production capacity.

The production of the following products is carried out in our facilities:

  • 37-39-43-55-55 Eco and 77 mm roller shutter and garage door slats with polyurethane filing by Aluminium Rollform technology
  • Aluminium Roller Shutter Boxes (137-400 mm)
  • Steel Commercial Door Profiles
  • Galvanized Octagonal Tubes (40-60-70 mm)
  • Accessories for Roller Shutter and Commercial Door Systems
  • PVC Monoblock Roller Shutter Systems

Polyurethane polyamide (PURPA) and polyester painted  sheets ,  which are used in the production of roller shutter slats and boxes are supplied from Asaş Aluminium Flat Products Production Facilities.

All extrusion profiles that are used in the production of Roller Shutter slats , which are used in the production of roller shutter and garage door systems are produced at Asaş Aluminium Extrusion Facilities and painted at powder coating facilities.

Production and lamination coating operation of all PVC profiles that are used in PVC monoblock systems are carried out in Asaş PVC Profile Production Facilities.