PVC Window and Door Systems


With its PVC Profile Systems, ASAŞ closely follows up the developments in the world in its own field and is one of the leading companies in the sector in terms of designing, producing and marketing the products required in the sector in a complete system integrity. This success enabled the profiles and systems of the company to gain reputation both domestically and internationally.

Thanks to the extensive network of dealers abroad, ASAŞ has managed to reach out to the consumers in all geographies around the world, with its products under ASAŞPEN and VERATEC brands, and creates a substantial added value for our country.

ASAŞ PVC Profile Systems, which are remarkable with their design and quality, are exported to over 60 countries including Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Australia, Egypt, Algeria, Kenya, India, Ghana, Mexico, Balkan States, Arabian Peninsula States and Latin America and are safely used in various buildings on five continents.

Our PVC Profile Systems, which have proven their sustainable quality in the conditions ranging from -70 °C to +60 °C, and which have high UV resistance, are preferred in many different climate conditions from Dubai, Siberia to South America.