In 2015, ASAŞ founded ASAŞART for the purposes of increasing its support to art and bringing artists, academicians and students together in a single platform that aims to contribute learning, designing and production processes by mutual synergy.

The company is aiming to contribute to the increase of use of different materials and techniques in art by opening the production facilities of ASAŞ, casting workshop and 1200 m² art studio that is planned to be completed in this year, for those people that study, teach and create works/products in various fields of art and design. While supporting students and academicians, the company provides professional workshop service and artisan support to professional artists & designers so that they can create their works.

ASAŞART organizes courses and seminars for the spouses and children of all ASAŞ employees by aiming to support the change that art creates in societies and the development of gaining different perspectives within its own organization.