Human Rights Policy

Since we respect human rights, we are committed to preventing violation of the human rights, primarily in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and taking necessary actions when we are up against such incidents. We comply with the human rights laws and national/international conventions signed by the respective countries in all countries we operate.

We comply with the United Nations Global Impact and United Nations Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and similar regulations, and we are committed to respecting the rights of all our stakeholders.  

Working conditions provided to our employees comply with the internationally recognized standards of workforce. We are against all forms of discrimination in employment and professional life, child labor, forced / involuntary labor. We care about gender equality in all areas; we avoid any discriminating discourses and we believe in equal opportunities.

Our Human Rights policy includes the following principles.


We acknowledge that we are a part of the community in all places we operate. While doing business, we establish a relationship with all our stakeholders, including the unprotected and vulnerable groups, that is based on hearing their opinions about human rights issues affecting them, and on paying attention to such opinions. We believe that the best way of solving local problems is to solve them locally. When required, we communicate with non-governmental organization representatives and our stakeholders on human rights issues related to our business.


We value differences of the people we work with and we try to make them feel included. ASAŞ is committed to equal opportunities and our recruitment, placement, development, training, salary and promotion decisions are based on qualities, performances, skills and experiences of the employees. Diversity in our workforce is the key to achieving our goals. Therefore, we endeavor to attract professionals having different backgrounds and experiences.


We are committed to being a workplace that does not involve discrimination, harassment and disrespect based on reasons such as race, gender, color, nationality, social origin, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, definitions of gender, political views or other statuses protected by the applicable laws. We do not tolerate disrespectful or improper behaviors, unfair treatments or any form of retaliation, regardless of the personal characteristics or incident at hand. Harassment about a work-related matter shall not be tolerated at the workplace or outside the workplace.


ASAS believes that transparent communication between the employees and management as well as their direct involvement are the most effective ways of solving workplace and salary problems. The employees can clearly communicate with the management, to the extent allowed under the laws, about the working conditions without fear of of retaliation, intimidation or harassment. According to the local laws, employees of our company have the right to actively communicate with the senior management; the employee representatives meet with the senior management quarterly and talk about their expectations, opinions and suggestions. ASAS treats all its employees equally and implements the current policies by reviewing its employees’ opinions transparently; the policies are revised, if necessary, and the Company respects the employees’ rights to be represented.


  • We acknowledge that our health should be the first priority of our business. We protect our health by using the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required by our job.
  • We report any risky situations we notice and we warn our co-workers if they are involved in risky activities.
  • We adopt and implement all modules of the HSE Culture.


We prohibit all forms of forced labor practices, including compulsory prison labor, debt bondage, forced military labor, forms of modern slavery and all forms of human trafficking. 


We do not employ child workers. We prohibit hiring people under the age of 18 for jobs that involve manual labor and hazardous works. We expect the same standards from our business partners.


We have established our wages policy based on our sector, local workforce market and in accordance with the provisions of the applicable collective agreements. Our operations fully comply with the applicable laws on salary, working hours, overtime and fringe benefits. We offer opportunities enabling our employees to develop and improve their talents and potentials.  


We are aware of the possible impacts of our land and water usage on human rights and we address this issue with a number of dedicated policies and practices. In parallel with our HSE Policy, we respect people’s need for water resources and clean drinking water as well as protection of both ecosystems and communities through proper sanitation.


We are committed to creating workplaces where transparent and honest communication among all employees is valued and respected.

ASAŞ agrees to comply with applicable labor and employment laws in all places we operate.

If an employee believes that the language of this Policy contradicts with the laws, traditions and practices of the jurisdiction where s/he works or has questions about this policy or wishes to report a potential violation of this policy unanimously, s/he should direct such questions and concerns to the local administration, Human Resources, Ethics Supervisor or Local Ethics Consultant.

Furthermore, the employees might report suspected violations of this policy by sending an e-mail to & addresses or by calling (+90 216 680 15 82). 

An employee reporting his/her concerns under this policy shall not be subject to retaliation or unfavorable treatment. The company shall investigate the concerns reported by its employees as well as responding to such concerns and taking necessary corrective actions in case of any violations.

The Human Rights Policy complies with ASAŞ Code of Conduct.