Sustainable Supply Chain Policy

As ASAŞ Alüminyum, we pay attention to establish fiduciary relationships with all our stakeholders and aim at extending our sustainable supply chain approach. We not only show an approach which looks out for environmental, social and ethical values and attaches importance to the development of the society for the purpose of creating a sustainable value but also make efforts to encourage our stakeholders to adopt a similar conduct. Within this scope, all our suppliers and business partners:

  • are obliged to grant the rights to their employees which are stipulated by the legal requirements and working conditions in the territory where they operate.
  • may not discriminate their employees in any way (religion, language, race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, age etc.). They may not tolerate this type of behaviours by its employees either. They are obliged to take the necessary measures.
  • may not tolerate the breach of their employees’ immunities by way of unlawful and unethical physical, sexual, psychological and/or emotional harassment in any way at the place of work and/or in any location they present as a requirement of their jobs.
  • may not introduce any type of forced or involuntary labour. Employment decisions are obliged to be based on the principle of free choice.
  • may not employ children. They have to comply with all applicable national and international standards particularly the Conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the United Nations (“UN”) which cover the minimum working age restrictions as stipulated by the laws and legislations in force.
  • take all measures with respect to occupational health and safety. They also provide all kinds of trainings and equipment with their employees within this scope. They provide any necessary opportunities for the management of health and safety risks and prevention of occupational accidents and occupational diseases.
  • are obliged to carry out their business activities in compliance with all environmental local laws and international regulations in force. They assess the impact of their operations and decisions on the environment and take any necessary measures for the protection of natural resources, minimization of wastes, use of clean energy, recycling and pollution control.
  • may not give or receive bribe or involve in corruption. They take any necessary measures for the purpose of fighting against bribery and corruption. They have to comply with all national and international anti-corruption laws in force.
  • avoid of conflicts of interest and all kinds of conducts which might be perceived as a conflict of interest by third parties. They inform all related parties in case of a potential conflict of interest. No gift sent by a supplier may be accepted which creates the impression that an irregularity exists or which leads to or is perceived as a dependency relationship except for the materials in the nature of customs of trade and promotion.
  • are obliged to report any unethical or unlawful situation.
  • manage the materials, knowledge, technology, money, method, labour force and all other resources in the overall supply chain in an effective and integrated manner.
  • design their processes through lean, value-added and innovative methods and achieve and constantly improve their performance goals.
  • have many complaint channels which are available for their use and they have procedures in place to investigate the complaints.
  • keep records of all their transactions in such a manner that the truth is reflected in an accurate, fair and timely manner. They do not falsify their records or conceal any of their relationships. They maintain their records in accordance with the legal requirements.
  • are obliged to protect all confidential information of ASAŞ Alüminyum A.Ş. to which they can get access including trade secrets, know-how and financial data.
  • do not use “conflict minerals” in their operations and avoid of any conducts which support unlawful conflicts, violate human rights and provide a financial support.

Our business mentality requires us to work only with the suppliers that are capable of meeting our standards and specifications coherently and comply with our corporate values. We expect our suppliers not only to comply with the applicable rules but also make reasonable efforts to go beyond the expectations and encourage constant improvement throughout their commercial operations. The rules are applicable to all our contracted suppliers, business partners and ASAŞ that are expected to transfer these requirements to their own supply chains. We hereby guarantee to be in cooperation with all our stakeholders in this respect.

Supplier’s Statement

As ASAŞ’s supplier, we hereby irrevocably agree, declare and guarantee the following:

  • We have carefully read the Sustainable Supply Chain Policy of ASAŞ which was submitted by ASAŞ Alüminyum;
  • We are aware of all laws and regulations concerning our businesses in the country of operation;
  • We shall inform ASAŞ Alüminyum in case of a breach regarding these rules as communicated by ASAŞ Alüminyum;
  • We shall comply with the requirements stipulated by the Sustainable Supply Chain Policy of ASAŞ Alüminyum without any comment or exception related thereto and regard these requirements as development opportunities;
  • We shall inform all our employees and subcontractors about the Sustainable Supply Chain Policy of ASAŞ Alüminyum and ensure that they will also fully comply with these rules in this way.

Furthermore, we hereby agree and declare in advance that we authorize ASAŞ Alüminyum or any enterprise authorized by ASAŞ Alüminyum to carry out an audit to verify the compliance of our company or subcontractor suppliers with the Sustainable Supply Chain Policy of ASAŞ Alüminyum without prior notice.