Human Resources Policy

“People” are our most important asset and the basis of our corporate values is “Respect for the Employees”. It is our responsibility in our relationships with our employees not to discriminate them in terms of race, colour, age, nationality, gender and belief. We take pride in their differences and cultural diversities and regard this diversity as an opportunity for development while we are gathering around a common purpose.

Within this scope, our policy is to:

  • Ensure the recruitment of a qualified work force in accordance with the objectives and strategies of our company in order to get prepared for the current and future organizational needs and implement modern Human Resources Practices which focus on success in order to make use of this force in the most effective and efficient manner;
  • Create such an environment that the members of ASAŞ will be able to realize themselves in line with the corporate vision;
  • Offer a safe workplace in which they feel that both their families and they belong and take pride;
  • Incorporate the persons in our structure who will embrace the corporate vision of ASAŞ and the so-called “ASAŞ IS MINE” culture, are at a high level of education, well-trained, open to innovations and changes, have an entrepreneurial ability, aim at improving themselves and their jobs and believe in the power of teamwork;
  • Organize professional and personal trainings for supporting the employees who will lead the change and development within the structure of ASAŞ ACADEMY in order to become such an organization that fully meets the development needs of the Human Resources in compliance with the vision and strategic objectives of ASAŞ.

As the individual members of ASAŞ who claim that “ASAŞ IS MINE”, we:

  • walk after our values;
  • believe in the continuity of training;
  • know for sure that there is no problem which cannot be solved through teamwork;
  • prioritize employee satisfaction and quality service;
  • feel the pride and excitement of being an ASAŞ member.