ASAŞ ACADEMY aims to fully meet the human resources development needs in line with the vision and strategic targets of ASAŞ through a proactive approach and also to lead the development and change in order to become a community that shares corporate vision and values by supporting the employees and their families.

Targets of ASAŞ ACADEMY:

  • Enhance competencies of employees
  • Support ideal behaviors
  • Develop new skills and competencies
  • Make positive impact on business results of employees by contributing to their performance development
  • Create the managers and staff of the future
  • Create an organization, management and leadership culture
  • Provide training and development opportunities to further develop talented people
  • Demonstrate that we see our employees and their families as a whole by organizing various trainings and seminars for the families of employees and also to include families into our development journey
  • Contribute to the development of the people in the region based on our awareness of social responsibility by organizing various trainings and seminars for the people living in the area where we are established

Approach of ASAŞ ACADEMY:

  • A proactive approach that is in line with the corporate strategy
  • A central structure that learns and serves the organizational culture
  • Sustainability that targets mid and long term business performance
  • Sharing between organizational and professional departments
  • An active structure adopted by the management, personnel and their families
  • A system that continuously measures the gains and contributions to the company