ASAŞ is proud of being the first certified R&D Center in the sector in 2015.

It combines its production infrastructure developed by making the most innovative and technologic investments in the sector ever since its incorporation, with its continuously-increased product and service quality, and implements many projects as the desired solution partner. It aims to create an environment that triggers continuous development through innovation culture that aims to go beyond the future expectations in the markets involved. Trusting the passion, information and competencies of our own people, Asaş placed R&D activities and innovation culture in the center of its development and competition strategies.

Innovation Culture at Asaş consists of 4 parts: Lifelong Learning, Idea and Project Management, Cooperation Management and Intellectual Asset Management.

All projects that are conducted within the group every year are presented by project managers in the contest called Asaş’ın Asları (Aces of Asaş) and are assessed very carefully. The winning projects in this contest that determine the Ace Projects of the Year are awarded with a joyful event at the end of the year.

R&D Strategy, which is determined by the vision of being technical authority in the fields of activity, is based on innovative and process excellence. It is supported by our innovation culture, national and international technology network cooperation and our project management conducted by us by special software. The software platform which we call InovALue enables to quickly access and assess the information generated through intranet.

In our R&D Center, 72 R&D Personnel, 37 of whom are researchers, continue to work by using their testing and simulation capabilities for aluminum profiles, PVC profiles, Roller Shutter-Commercial Door systems and aluminum flat products. Believing that a brighter and lighter future can be created with new and different ideas, Asaş cooperates with many invaluable universities in our country.

Sectors Served

  • Automotive
  • Rail systems
  • Defense Industry
  • Aviation and Space Industry
  • Construction sector
  • Energy sector
  • Advertising sector
  • White Goods
  • Furniture
  • Maritime
  • Packaging sector
  • Electrics-Electronics sector
  • Transportation (Trailer)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Machine Production Sector
  • Food Sector