Aluminium Composite Panel Production Facility

ASAŞ Aluminium composite panels have had a worldwide reputation, thanks to its quality in visual works in building construction, aesthetic appearance and flexibility, strength and ease of application ever since its foundation in 2006. Composite panel production facility provides services with an annual production capacity of 7.000.000 m² (End of 2017: 10.000.000m²) aluminium composite panel in its very efficient 4 lines.

It also makes a difference by offering alternative solutions to end users cleanable, stainless surface options, wooden pattern and high-quality, 20-Year Guaranteed PVDF painted surface options. With a wide range of products, it provides its clients significant benefits that include all aesthetic, physical and mechanical properties in world standards for interior and exterior building facades.

With a wide range of different dimensions and colors; conventional, low-intensity aluminium composite panels with polyethylene filling, and fire-resistant aluminium composite panels with aluminium hydroxide filling are produced in the facility which is equipped by advanced technology.

All products are tested by quality engineers at the state-of-the-art laboratories, and presented to clients in accordance with international quality standards.