Management Policy

ASAŞ Alüminyum Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Main Management Policy;

Considering our vision, mission and core values,

  • Considering our vision, mission and core values,

  • About all our products and services we offer to our stakeholders,

  • Adhering to national and international labor standards / laws and ethical values,

  • Ensuring the development and business continuity of our company,  

  • To be the preferred company in the sector by our stakeholders.

When implementing this main policy;

  • Simplifying all workflows by centering digitalization,

  • Creating a target-oriented culture by centering the performance-based management culture,

  • Making ASAŞ an employee brand that is set as an example in its sector.

  • Increasing the loyalty of ASAŞ by increasing the brand value of ASAŞ with the power of R&D and innovation by focusing on Innovative Value-Added Products and sectors,

  • Increasing the market share and the export share continuously by increasing the awareness in branded products with a marketing-oriented structuring,

  • Eliminating all kinds of waste by increasing efficiency with a disciplined approach in all processes,

  • Creating the perfect customer experience for all our customers,

  • Putting sustainability at the center of all our strategies,

We are committed with the participation of all our employees.