PVC Profile Production Facility

PVC Profile Production Facilities were founded within ASAŞ in Akyazı, Sakarya in 1997 to meet the growing demand for high quality products in Turkey and world markets. PVC Profile and Roller Shutter production facilities which are located in the same complex operate in 60.000 m² area, of which 30.000 m² is enclosed. The facility provides services with its annual 35.000 tons of PVC profile production capacity.

In its production facilities, the following systems are manufactured:

  • PVC 52mm, 60mm, 70mm, 76mm, 80mm and 120mm Door and Window Systems.
  • PVC France, Netherlands and England Door and Window Systems.
  • PVC Sliding 60mm and 74mm Systems.
  • PVC Lift-Slide (Hebe Schiebe) System.
  • PVC Roller Shutter Slats and Monoblock Box Systems.
  • PVC Laminated and Bended Profile Systems.
  • PVC Ready Door and Window Production Facility

Only European-origin raw materials are used at ASAŞ PVC Profile Production Facilities, and the Company aims to achieve the highest quality with the capability of producing the formulas that are appropriate for each region in the world by using PVC and other raw materials without human touch by “Fully-Automatic Mixing System’’.

These special mixing recipes which are used in production are acrylic-based and resistant to diverse climate conditions and impacts and are environment-friendly materials that do not contain lead and have calcium zinc and low calcite ratio. Raw material is conveyed to production lines automatically and the entire production process from mixer automation to the end of profile extrusion line is managed without human touch.

The products, which are manufactured at ASAŞ PVC Profile Production Facilities with worldwide quality-approved, energy-saving extrusion lines and molds, are tested in the state-of-the-art laboratories in accordance with the quality standards such as German RAL, DIN, EN and TSE etc. As a PVC Profile producer, Asaş is one of the few companies that have German RAL certificate since 2002.