Scrap Policy


As ASAŞ, we care about the goal of a sustainable world, design and manage our processes by considering environmental impacts, social and managerial issues in all our activities.


  • Maximum adaptation to the circular economy for a sustainable world with all our stakeholders by carrying our strength from the past to the future,
  • Restructuring all of our processes, especially our R&D activities, in a way that supports the circular economy is our primary goal.


Due to our management approach based on continuous improvement, by adhering to the waste management activities established within the framework of national and international standards, especially aluminum,

  • To ensure that it is included in the circular economy at the maximum level,
  • To follow the disposal of scraps that cannot be included in a way that minimizes their environmental impact,
  • To organize training activities that will keep the awareness of recycling at the highest level with all our stakeholders,
  • To meet customer expectations,
  • To make maximum contribution to sustainable environmental studies is our priority target for the entire ASAŞ family.



This policy covers;

  • All production facilities in ASAŞ,
  • ASAŞ employees,
  • All our stakeholders involved in scrap management.

Our Board of Managament undertakes to fulfill the requirements set forth in this policy and expects all responsible persons to fulfill the same commitments.


To reach our goals;

  • We will develop our activities by complying with the relevant legislation in force,
  • We will support and improve the environment by focusing on applications with high raw material/resource efficiency in our R&D and production processes,
  • We will minimize the scrap rate that occurs during our processes in our activities,
  • We will develop projects for 100% collection, recycling and reuse of scrap within the scope of scrap management,
  • We will explore and develop opportunities to separate recycled scraps from different alloys and qualities, and integrate them into our processes, if possible,
  • We will encourage our efforts to maximize the use of waste scrap in our process development processes,
  • We will provide trainings to our employees to raise awareness about environmental and economic values ​​related to scrap and scrap recycling.

We are committed.