Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

At ASAŞ, we aim to realize our productions with zero occupational and environmental accidents by investing in people, knowledge and technology with our approach and understanding sensitive to the society, our employees and the environment.
In this regard, we accept, declare and undertake the following:
  • To ensure and maintain a safe and healthy working environment; to comply with all legislation, administrative regulations, legal responsibilities and standards related to Health, Safety and Environment,
  • Considering the health, safety and environmental impacts of the technology, raw materials and auxiliary materials used and taking the necessary measures,
  • Identify hazards in our processes, assess risks and opportunities, plan and implement measures to eliminate risks or mitigate their potential impacts, to allocate the necessary resources, to be prepared for fire and emergencies, make necessary investigations and improvements after a possible accident, eliminate occupational exposure factors at the source and prevent occupational diseases, to authorize the cessation of operation by all our employees in unsafe situations,
  • To ensure continuous improvement at all levels of the organization by providing a common perspective in accordance with our Health, Safety and Environmental requirements, to create a sustainable Health, Safety, Environment culture, to set common goals, access to performance information by all our employees and participation with our employee representatives,
  • To provide training opportunities from employees, management, visitors, interns, subcontractors, suppliers and customers at all levels to ensure all processes and continuous improvement within the scope of the management system,
  • To lead the adoption of new technologies, choosing alternative materials, using natural resources to a minimum,
  • Prevent environmental pollution from our products, services and activities, minimizing environmental emissions, ensuring maximum recycling by separating waste at source, to take the necessary measures by considering the biological diversity in our region,
  • To set an example with our sensitivity to the environment and society by always prioritizing Corporate Social Responsibility awareness, Taking measures by considering all environmental impacts from design to product disposal from a life cycle perspective, taking into account stakeholder views and raising awareness of all our employees, including management.