ASAŞ Grows by Combining Science, Art and Industry

ASAŞ Grows by Combining Science, Art and Industry


Istanbul Chamber of Industry announced the list of Turkey’s Top 500 industrial enterprises. ASAŞ, who continues its growth since its establishment and has been taking place on the list for 17 years, rose to the 79th place this year. Behind this success lies the importance given to continuous improvement, innovation and technology in the company's strategy.

With its 5 production facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology and more than 2200 employees, ASAŞ is proud to be a pioneer in sector-leading investments. ASAŞ continues to create value for its customers with the largest and widest section profiles produced in the Aluminium Extrusion industry in Turkey; with its trend setting products from Aluminium Composite Panel Production Plant established by ASAŞ for the first time in our country; with its 2200mm wide, 2600mm diameter and 26 ton aluminium coils which are produced in the Europe's most modern and technological Aluminium Flat Products Production Facility and with a wide range of solutions for any needs from the PVC & Roller Production Plant.

ASAŞ pioneeres the production of more qualified products in the aluminium sector with many firsts brought to Turkey, and guaranteed the continuity of this achievement with the establishment of the first R&D Center approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in 2016. The company supports the localization of the production in the sectors which especially have a strategic importance for our country, and actualize the innovative products for the railway industry, automotive industry, defense industry, and communication satellites thanks to the work of its R&D engineers.

For the training activities that are the basis of the continuous improvement, the firm established ASAŞ ACADEMY in 2016 and continues to work with a more focused approach by gathering the training activities under a single roof. In the ASAŞ ACADEMY; in addition to the vocational and personal trainings that employees need in their career stages, also trainings for the franchises are also organized in order to provide better service to their customers.

ASAŞ, does not limit its studies for the development of our country with the science alone; and brings industry and art together in 2015 by establishing the first and only workshop of the aluminium industry; ASAŞART, where the sculptures, reliefs, paintings and installations are created. ASAŞART gives professional and artistic support to artists and academicians in its workshops, presents impressive works with sculptors working within the structure of the company, and cooperates with the universities to organize trainings for the students. In order to widespread the art more in the society and to increase interaction of people with the artworks, ASAŞ pays special attention to exhibit the work from its own workshop as much as possible.

ASAŞ believes that the growth is more than the numbers and focuses on the children who are the elders of our future. It is only a part of the projects made in this scope that support the kindergartens, the circumcision festival, the joint projects developed with the Child Protection Agency and the higher education scholarships for the children of the employees. Attaching importance to the contributions of its employees to the corporate social responsibility projects, ASAŞ's blood, platelet and stem cell donation campaign, iftar feast in the old age home, project of free fertility treatment to its emloyees and many more projects in the institution serve as a common platform for doing kindness to each other and sharing happiness of adding value to life.