The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) Preferred ASAŞ

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) Preferred ASAŞ


ASAŞ­ continues to be the pioneer in aluminium sector after establishing the first ministry approved R&D Center in Turkey last year and producing axial corrugated aluminium heat pipes for the communication satellites. By winning two tenders under a project carried out by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), which is recognized worldwide by scientific researches and inventions on particle physics, ASAŞ­ became the first and only Turkish supplier of CERN in the aluminium sector.

Having the world’s largest and most complex experimental facilities built up to now, CERN examines the basic constituents of matter; and conducts various experiments to get information about nature’s preference of matter against antimatter, substance behavior since the formation of the universe and the fundamental laws of nature. In the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, the particles are made to collide together at the magnetic field provided by superconducting electromagnets, aiming to get insights about how the particles interact in the plasma medium immediately after the Big Bang.

After proving the existence of Higgs Boson in the LHC in 2012, CERN is being prepared for bigger energy collisions named Hilumi LHC with the big infrastructure investments to be carried out from 2015 until 2026.  ASAŞ won the tender under this project and began to produce the prototypes of the custom-made aluminium pipes to be used between radio frequency coaxial cable sets and power amplifiers in the Super Proton Synchroten (SPS), CERN's second major accelerator where protons almost reach the speed of light before the collisions in LHC. Within the scope of the monitoring cosmic and rare underground signals project (ICARUS), the subject of the second tender, the aluminum panels to be used for cooling shield in T-600 detector working with 600 tons of liquid argon gas which is under construction and modernization at CERN, will be supplied by ASAS again after approval of the samples.

ASAŞ became the one of the exceptional suppliers of CERN from Turkey, first and only supplier in aluminium sector thanks to its high technology production and competence in products required special qualifications such as material quality, shape, dimensions, tolerances, inner surface precision and electrical resistance. Besides of having Turkey's largest aluminium extrusion press and being one of the most credible and industry-leading producers in aluminium sector, ASAŞ continues to provide solutions with its innovative products, R&D support and service quality and adds value to the national economy and the life.